I’ve lived in the Tampa Bay area in Florida for over 20 years.  My artistic journey actually started in Illinois after the birth of my son.  Feeling the need to be around adults, and always being drawn to any type of crafts, I was invited to attend a painting seminar.  You know, you spend all day painting and come home with your work of art.   Needless to say, I was hooked!  I became a self-taught artist, and in between raising 3 children, painted every chance I got.

We moved to Florida in 1984, and stumbled across the artists selling their work on Clearwater Beach’s Pier.  Every type of art was represented – street performers, jewelry artists, oil/acrylic artists, sculptors - everyone was selling and having fun.  Shortly thereafter, I was juried in as an artist, and quickly became a regular every weekend.  I’ll never forget the couple I sold my first painting to – their 2 boys playing in the surf. It was such a great moment!     

Now my children are grown and I’m in the studio daily.   We live about a mile from the Gulf of Mexico in Dunedin, Florida, which is an artist’s community.  I am inspired by our beautiful sunsets and watching the waves as they roll onto  the shore. 2 of my 3 children live near the mountains in  Atlanta, which is also an inspiration for me.  I love nature and seeing how the light dances on the landscape, and am amazed how through the dark shadows light is seen.   

I’m always trying some new technique or medium to grow as an artist.  Sometimes it works, sometimes…not so much. But either way, I’ve learned from the experience. I show my work through my own studio and through this website.  I am  a member of “PAVA” – Professional Association of Visual Artists and “CAG” – Creative Artists Guild. I’ve had paintings juried into exhibits at the Clearwater and Largo libraries, and other locations in the area. In the spring and fall, I attend the local outdoor Fine Art shows.   The weather is beautiful and it’s nice talking to people about their art and what type of art they are looking for.     If you’re interested in something specific or have a vacation photo you’d like as a painting, please use the "Contact the Artist" link above.